HiCalendar 2.0

HiCalendar converts dates to Gregorian, Julian,Islamic, Jewish...

HiCalendar converts dates to Gregorian, Julian,Islamic, Jewish and Chinese dates and back. Thus, you get these 4 calendars into a one simple-of-use calendar.

Just pick a date and you get the three others dates ! HiCalendar calculates the Easter and Pesach dates for any year between 999 and 2399. You may use speed buttons to quickly select a date: New year Day, Christmas, Palm Sunday, Whitsun.

The chinese calendar handles: leap months, year cycle, stem and the zodiac. Includes also astronomical data such as:-Starting dates of the 4 seasons;-Customizable moon phases viewer;-Moon`s age, phases, lunation, angular diameter, distance;-Lunar eclipse dates;-Blue moon dates.

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